Artisan-made gifts for all seasons

10 Sustainable, Artisan-Made Gifts for this Holiday Season

It's the holiday season which means it's the season of gifts! The joy of gifting someone we care for is a great feeling. A gift can establish a bond between two people or make one strong, as they are always a reflection of both the giver and the receiver. 

For most of us, home is where the heart is, so we all aspire to make it as beautiful and comforting as possible. Home is a direct reflection of one's values, beliefs, and the things that matter to them. So when it comes to gifting, mind its relevance and usefulness to the gift receiver.

Ethically sourced, Artisan-made goods are exquisite and sustainable gifts to consider giving to someone who has an appreciation for such products and is on a journey of conscious living. Or you could get someone introduced to responsibly made products as well. These goods not only bring life to homes, but they make a statement much beyond it.

Out of plenty of gift choices available in the market, we have picked out ten affordable home goods which are artisan-made using sustainable materials that we think you'll love to gift someone or purchase for your home!

1. Placemats 

These round handwoven seagrass placemats are a boho décor lover's dream! Handmade by artisans in Vietnam, its attractive weaving pattern, rustic earthy color mixture, adorable round shape and tassels bring to your meal setting a nostalgic vibe of rusticity and bohemian beauty. They come in a set of 4, they are easy-to-clean and non-slip. All in all a thoughtful gift to give your family or friends.


2. Indoor Plant Hangers

Indoor plants are such a happy vibe! This beautiful and sophisticated plant hanger, handmade sustainably by fair trade artisans, not only brings a unique look to the planter but will bring life to one's space. 

Handmade Plant Hanger

3. Storage Baskets 

The use of these Seagrass and Jute baskets is endless. They are Stylish, with hand rope jute wool and are multifunctional. A perfect way to organize one's favorite space with an easy solution for stacking and storing stuff - including books, toys, and all manner of household items. 

Handwoven and Eco-friendly Storage Baskets

4. Table Runners

These boho jute table runners are made from the finest, best-chosen seagrass and woven skillfully by local artisans in Vietnam. The mat is soft, thick and durable. It also provides a heat insulation to glass tables, protecting the table surface from scalding and scratches. 

Boho Style Table Runners

5. Decorative Trays

Who doesn't love unique and beautiful serving trays? This mother of pearl inlay serving tray, handcrafted by Vietnamese artisans, and made of wood is light and durable. The tray is designed with an inserted handle so it's easy to carry around. The bottom is covered with a soft, thick layer of paint so the tray leaves no scratches on the table surface. Not only is this decorative tray perfect for serving food and drinks, but it can be used as a storage tray for a bar, kitchen, bathroom, living room, and anywhere at home.Mother of Pearl In lay Serving Tray

6. Wall hanging Baskets 

These 2-Tier Wicker Wall Hanging Storage Baskets could be used to organize towels, toothbrushes, toys, artificial plants, papers, odds and ends, yarn, craft supplies in your laundry room, bathroom, dressing room, living room, kitchen, pantry, kid rooms. The basket is also an ideal housewarming gift for those who love rustic home décor!

Handwoven wall hanging baskets

7. Fruit Bowls

These eco-friendly fruit bowls are a must-have storage trio. Handwoven and color-stitched jute baskets by fair trade artisans are simple yet stunning.

Handwoven Fruit Bowls

 8. Terracotta Pot

Terracotta playful pot in the shape of an elephant will make one's garden planters unique and functional. Each piece is molded into fun shapes that can be filled with lots of colorful flowers or green plant materials and are a cute gift!

Terracotta Pot - Elephant Shape

 9. Wicker Pendant Light

This rustic farmhouse basket pendant light fixture, masterfully hand-woven by skilled artisans using bamboo adds a vintage, artistic and charming appeal. The light bulb lamp cage is made of organic bamboo that’s sustainably grown in Vietnam, making it great eco-friendly and sustainable home décor.

Wicker pendant Light - bamboo

10. Storage Baskets with Lid

These wicker storage baskets, which come in a set of 3 are a perfect gift for someone who loves organizing! Also, it's the details that make a house a home. A bit of love here, a touch of care there, it all adds up to a nest worth resting in. With wicker baskets crafted from seagrass, even the most typical household products can become the eye of your living room, bathroom, kitchen, or pantry. And to know that each one comes from the caring hands of crafters themselves? Well, it only makes each straw storage basket hold that much more weight.

Wicker Storage Basket with Lid 

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